A section of the statement by the National Police Service, announcing a search for suspected gangsters Arafat Kyalo Masai, Juma Waziri and Salim Mohamed Ahmed. 

Have you seen the three men whose photos appear above?

The National Police Service is seeking your assistance in arresting them for allegedly being part of a gang that has been terrorising residents of Nairobi and Mombasa.

Inspector-General Hilary Mutyambai released the identities of the wanted suspects on Tuesday.

A statement by police spokesperson Charles Owino identified them as Arafat Kyalo Masai, Juma Waziri and Salim Mohamed Ahmed.

Mr Mutyambai described the suspects as “armed and dangerous”.

He appealed to anyone with helpful information to notify officers at the nearest police station or dial the NPS’ hotline numbers 911, 112 or 999.    No bounty has been placed on the heads of the suspects whose profiles and alleged criminal acts are yet to be released.