Mas’uulka haweenka ee kowntiga Lamu Ruweida Obbo ayaa soo bandhigtay qorshe la xiriira in la baaro dadka geysta tacadiyada cku saabsan kufsiga.

Waxa ay mas’uulka sheegtay in xukun xabsi oo keliya uusan aysan ka baqeynin dadka wax kufsada isla markaasina loo baahan yahay in dadkaasi la marsiiyo ciqaab ku filan.

The legislator said it is too lenient for child defilers to be sent to prison “to serve easy terms as they get to enjoy food and good shelter” while their victims are left with lifelong scars.

Speaking in Lamu on Monday, Mrs Obbo said it would be prudent to chemically castrate the defilers and rapists so that they never commit such crimes again as they will be dysfunctional.


Mrs Obbo expressed concern over the increased cases of child defilement in various parts of Lamu and the fact that perpetrators either never get arrested or serve very easy sentences when convicted.

Police reports indicate that Hindi in Lamu West is leading in cases of child defilement.

A 2018 report by the World Vision, Lamu branch, also established that at least 10 girls are defiled every month in Hindi Division.

The report also noted that most of the offences are committed by relatives and people known to the children, particularly their own biological fathers and uncles.