More than 22,000 traffic offenders have been arrested since the enforcement of Michuki rules began on November 12, officials said.

Sources said the government has collected hundred of thousands of shillings through fines from the offenders.

Police data shows 3,000 culprits were arrested in Nairobi, another 6,000 in Central and 3,769, in Nyanza. Police made 3,638 arrests in Western, 2,148 in Rift Valley, 3,200 at the Coast and 2,320 in Eastern.

In Nairobi, most offenders were found not to have fastened their seat belts. Others were pedestrians crossing the road at the wrong places and motorists exceeding the speed limits.

The minimum fine imposed was Sh500 for failing to fasten a safety belt with the offenders facing a 30-day jail term. Those driving defective vehicles were fined Sh100,000 or risk imprisonment for three years. The fine depends of the number of defects, sources sai’

Some drivers were arrested because their vehicles did not have head lights and inspection stickers.

Both touting and conductors without licence were fined Sh2,000 with a risk of three months in jail.

Judiciary made arrangements including having Kenya Commercial Bank agents inside courtroom and employing more account clerks to ease payment of fines. The culprits also had the option of paying via M-Pesa.


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