Nairobi County MCAs have launched a petition to remove County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

The motion, presented by Waithaka Ward MCA Kiragu Karanja, states that “the conduct of the Hon. Beatrice K. Elachi through her actions and omissions has caused the Assembly great embarrassment and brought the Office of the Speaker into disrepute contrary to the gamut of laws on conduct of State officers of her caliber.”

The MCAs are accusing Speaker Elachi of abuse of office, undermining the authority of the County Assembly Service Board as well as conflict of interest.

The Speaker reportedly interfered with procurement processes with a view to having tenders awarded to parties close to her.

“For instance, in the purchase of the residence of the holder of the Office of Speaker, where she actively interfered, including threatening, bullying and intimidating staff to have a party close to her win the award for the purchase of the said residence despite that party having clearly failed the mandatory criteria for award of the tender, having marked up the price by over Ksh.30 million above what the market survey Report recommended,” states the motion.

Elachi also, according to the motion, allegedly threatened and intimidated officers of the County Assembly exercising their duties as assigned by the County Assembly Service Board.